Easter Quest - Easter Mystery

The Troublemakers Easter Mystery Secret in the Map Freak Egg

Time Mar. 30th - Apr. 2nd
Reward Mysterious Items: Use them to get the treasure buried under the huge stone statue.
Treasure Map Fragments: Combine them into a complete map, or swap for a reward directly (EXP worth 1 EXP Ball, 3/9 Roses or 1 Day God’s Blessing).
Level Requirement 50 or above
Frequency No restriction
Location Fun Park
Key Items The Easter Mystery
The Easter Mystery

Envoy Glenn (Cronus City 254,501)

Explorer Gary (Fun Park 175,146)

Assistant Garza (Fun Park 207,141)


1. Find Envoy Glenn (Cronus City 254,501) on Mar. 30th - Apr. 2nd, to claim a Joy Hammer. Use it to smash an Easter Egg and you have a chance of receiving Easter Egg's Blessing. You can smash up to 10 eggs at most, each day. The blessing lasts for 1 day.
2. You're able to enter the Fun Park with the help of Envoy Glenn, only if you're blessed.
3. Talk to Gary (Fun Park 175,146) to get a Compass and explore the field of stone statues, between 20:00-22:00.
4. Use the Compass to find the entrance.
5. Use the Compass to see the instructions and then turn the stone statues in specified order.
6. After turning the last stone statue, use the Spade to dig the soil.
7. If you find a mysterious item, you can use it near the huge stone statue, to get a real treasure.
8. If you collect the 4 Treasure Map Fragments, you can ask Assistant Garza (207,141) for help. He'll combine the fragments into a complete map, which will lead you to find a real treasure.
9. You can also directly swap the fragments for a reward, from Garza.


The Fun Park is fascinating to the explorers, since there is full of mysteries. The park is open from Mar. 30th - Apr. 2nd. Go pay a visit to Envoy Glenn!

Well, Envoy Glenn won’t just let you go there, unless you have Easter Egg’s Blessing! No worries. You see the Easter Eggs around? Claim a Joy Hammer from him, and then use it to smash them! You may receive the blessing or other surprise. Note: You have up to 10 chances to smash the eggs. The blessing lasts for 1 day.

Pay a visit to Gary, and he’ll give you a Compass and a Spade. The compass helps you find the entrance while the spade is used to dig for treasure.

The Easter Mystery

The compass works only between 20:00-22:00. Thanks to it, you can easily find the entrance.

The Easter Mystery

Use the compass in the field of stone statues. It will give you some instructions. Turn the stone statues in correct order, and then use the spade to dig the soil. You may find a map fragment or mysterious item.

The Easter Mystery

The Easter Mystery

If you get a mysterious item, take it to the big stone statue, which is in the northwest of the Fun Park. Use the item there, and you may find a real treasure under the stone statue!

The Easter Mystery

When you collect all the map fragments, you can find Garza to combine them into a complete map, which will lead you to a big treasure! Note: Garza combines up to 1000 maps at most, in a day. So, you must hurry up!

The Easter Mystery

If you don’t manage to get a complete map, you can directly swap the fragments for a reward, from Garza.

The exchange rules are as follows:
A Treasure Map Fragment 1 à 1 hour of EXP;
A Treasure Map Fragment 2 à 3 Roses;
A Treasure Map Fragment 3 à 9 Roses;
A Treasure Map Fragment 4 à 1-day God`s Blessing.

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