Easter Quest - The Troublemakers

The Troublemakers Easter Mystery Secret in the Map Freak Egg

Time: Mar. 30th - Apr. 2nd
Rewards: Mysterious items: It`s a clue to find treasures buried in front of the stone statue.
Treasure map fragments: You can combine them to get a complete map or exchange them for a reward, such as EXP, Roses or God`s Blessing.
Requirement: Level 50
Frequency: 10 times, a day
Location: Fun Park
Key Items: None
Key NPCs: Envoy Glenn (CronusCity 254,501)
Priest Ora (FunPark 93,125)
Assistant Garza (FunPark 207,141)


1. From Mar. 30th - Apr. 2nd, you can claim a Joy Hammer from Glenn (CronusCity 254,501). Break the Easter Eggs with the hammer, up to 10 times a day, until you get Easter Egg`s blessing which can be used as the ticket to the Fun Park for 1 day.
2. After you get blessed by the Easter Egg, talk to Glenn to enter the Fun Park.
3. Pay a visit to Priest Ora (93,125) in the Fun Park and accept his request to teach the naughty Rock Demons a lesson.
4. Find Rock Demons and challenge them in Rock-Paper-Scissors games, up to 10 times a day.
5. After you defeat the Rock Demon, report back to Priest Ora and claim your reward.


Envoy Glenn is sending people to the Fun Park, but not all of you. People who want to enter the Fun Park should get blessing from the Easter Egg as their entrance tickets, first.

So, what should you do? Talk to Glenn and claim a Joy Hammer which can be used to break up to 10 Easter Eggs a day. You`ll have the chance to get the Easter Egg`s blessing while breaking those eggs. Remember, the `ticket` is only available on the day of issue.

The Troublemakers

Finally, you received blessing from the Easter Egg and entered the Fun Park. While wandering around, you heard a lot of complaints about the Rock Demons. Talk to Priest Ora to know the details.

The Troublemakers

Priest Ora said, hords of Rock Demons have sneaked into the Fun Park and disguised into the Spirit Statues to play tricks on the passersby.

The Troublemakers

The Troublemakers

Defeat them in Rock-Paper-Scissors games. Usually, the match decides the winner in 3 rounds. Remember, you can challenge them not more than 10 times a day.

The Troublemakers

Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!

Good job! The Rock Demon lost to you in the game and fled away. Go and report back to Priest Ora! That generous priest will reward you with a mysterious item that is a clue to locate treasures buried under the huge stone statue, or perhaps a piece of treasure map fragment.

When you have collected enough treasure map fragments, you can combine them for a complete map with the help of Assistant Garza. Since that job is kind of exhausting, Garza will make no more than 1,000 pieces of maps a day. So, you`d better hurry up!

The Troublemakers

If you have less interest in treasure hunting, you can also exchange your treasure map fragments for a nice gift from Garza.

The exchange rules are as follows:
A Treasure Map Fragment 1 à 1 hour of EXP;
A Treasure Map Fragment 2 à 3 Roses;
A Treasure Map Fragment 3 à 9 Roses;
A Treasure Map Fragment 4 à 1-day God`s Blessing.

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