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New Year Party - Egg Bank

Finding Egg Chest Egg Bank Firework Party Luck House



21:00-21:59 & 23:00-23:59 Every Night on Jan. 11th - 15th, 2017


Crystal Treasure Egg(Red/Yellow/Violet Stone/Eudemon Clover, etc.)

Golden Treasure Egg(Flame Coat/8* Universal O/Moon Blessing/Fragrant Flower Pack, etc.)

Demon Treasure Egg(Moon Blessing/Lime Houppelande/Pink Berengaria)


Level 50 and above

Frequency: No limit


Market, Cronus

Key Item:

Crystal Hammer

Golden Hammer

Key NPC:

Elas, New Year Envoy (Cronus 314,409)
Duck, Baby Egg (Egg Bank 120.177)



1. Golden and Crystal Hammer can be won by joining "Luck House", "Firework Party", and "Finding Egg Chest" during Jan. 11th - 15th.

2. Carry either Golden or Crystal Hammer with you, and you can ask Elas(314,409) to help you enter the Egg Bank every night at 21:00-21:59 & 23:00-23:59.

3. Talk to Baby Egg, Duck(120, 177)in the Egg Bank to learn the rules.

4. Be aware of the attack and ambush of monsters in the Egg Bank. Try to find the Golden/Crystal Treasure Egg. Use the Golden/Crystal Hammer to open the eggs and get the rewards.

5. Dream Treasure Eggs will give you bigger surprise.