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New Year Party - Finding Egg Chest

Finding Egg Chest Egg Bank Firework Party Luck House



15:00 & 19:00 everyday on Jan. 11th - 15th, 2017


Open the Egg Chest: Fragrant Flower Pack, Eudemon Clover(B), Golden Hammer, Crystal Hammer

Open the Gem Chest: Yellow/Violet/Red Stone, Golden Hammer, Crystal Hammer

Defeat Egg Genie King: Refined Amber/Sapphire/Beryl


Level 50 and above

Frequency: No limit



Key NPC:

Elas, New Year Envoy (Cronus 314,409)



1. During Jan. 11th - 15th, talk to Elas (314,409) to learn about Finding Egg Chest!

2. Egg Chests will appear in Cronus City every day at 15:00&19:00. Find them and open to get your new year gifts!

3. Among those Egg Chests, there are some Gem Chests which carry even luxurious gifts.

4. Sometimes Egg Genie will appear when you open the chests. Fight for your gifts! Defeat the Egg Genie King will get your much more gifts! (When 200 Egg Chests have been opened, the Egg Genie King may appear outside Cronus City.)