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New Year Party - Firework Party

Finding Egg Chest Egg Bank Firework Party Luck House



Jan. 11th - 15th, 2017


Super Lucky Star(Use it to join Luck House)

Fortune New Year Pack(Super Lucky Star/Golden Hammer/Crystal Hammer/Firework Pack)

Spiritual Bag(Fragrant Flower Pack/Eudemon Clover)


Level 50 and above

Frequency: No limit



Key Item:

New Year Invitation

Key NPC:

Elas, New Year Envoy (Cronus 314,409)
Firework Spirit (Random place in Cronus)
Lee, Tourist (Cronus 263,392)
Erini, Student (Cronus 182,379)
Philemon, Poet (Cronus 264,479)



1. To celebrate the new year, the Queen of Cronus is going to hold the new year firework party at 20:00-20:30 & 22:00-22:30 every night during Jan. 11th - 15th.

2. If you have the New Year Invitation, go claim a Super Lucky Star from Elas(314,409) everyday. With the Super Lucky Star, you can join the Lucky House.

3. Help Elas to invite tourist Lee(263,392),the student Erini(182,379), and the poet Philemon(264,479) to the Firework Party, and you can also get the Super Lucky Star as the reward.

4. During the Firework Party, there will be nine Fireworks around Cronus City. New year gifts will be blossom with the fireworks every 3 minutes. Be sure to pick up the gifts as fast as possible!

5. The Firework Spirit will bring you unexpected gifts. Be sure to find him at the right spot.