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New Year Party - Luck House

Finding Egg Chest Egg Bank Firework Party Luck House



Jan. 11th - 15th, 2017


Lime Houppelande

Pink Berengaria

Necro Transform Ball

Rapture Firework

Eudemon Transform Pack

Golden/Crystal Hammer


Level 50 and above

Frequency: No limit times(3 times for free everyday)


Luck House

Key Item:

Super Lucky Star

Key NPC:

Elas, New Year Envoy (Cronus 314,409)
Arlene, Luck Envoy (Luck House 75,80)



1. Wanna try your luck? Talk to Elas(314,409) to learn about Luck House on Jan. 11th - 15th.

2. With the help of Elas, you enter the Luck House and find Arlene(314,409) to participate in.

3. Each hero can participate in 3 times a day for free. You can also use Super Lucky Star and EPs to get more chances.

4. If you find Golden/Crystal Hammers, take them to join Finding Egg Chest at 21:00-21:59 and 23:00-23:59.