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Xmas Quest - Magic Feast

Snowman Show Snowmen's Visit Christmas Tree Decoration
Magic Feast Christmas Ball Eudemon Treasury
Coctail Night Acting Santa Claus Snowman's Trouble



18:00 - 24:00 Dec. 24th


Christmas Coin, Eudemon Ticket, Magic Food Stick, Colorful Blessing Stocking, etc.


Level 50 and above

Frequency: No limit


Snow Pub, Cronus

Key Item:

Transform Stick

Key NPC:

Melody, Magic Chef(Cronus 317,406)



1. How could Xmas come without delicious food? Go and take a feast in the Snow Pub at 18:00 - 24:00, on Dec. 24th, Melody will serve you with the magic dishes she cooked, and they will dramatically change your appearance.

2. Each dish makes different changes. Moreover, by taking specified dishes combination, you may be transformed into annual Eudemons monsters, Eudemons, or some notorious devils.

3. When you successfully transform yourself at the first time, you`ll get a Eudemon Ticket. Besides, you may also see others in transformed status in the dining area. If you turn yourself into their shape, you`ll be rewarded with a nice transformation gift.

4. The one who transforms fastest will be rewarded with a Magic Food Stick and a Colorful Blessing Stocking.