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Xmas Quest - Snowmen's Visit

Snowman Show Snowmen's Visit Christmas Tree Decoration
Magic Feast Christmas Ball Eudemon Treasury
Coctail Night Acting Santa Claus Snowman's Trouble



20:00 - 22:00 every night on Dec. 21st - 23rd


Red Stone, Violet Stone, Yellow Stone, Magic Egg Stone, Christmas Stocking, etc.
Frequency: No limit



Key NPC:

Cabella, Snowman Manager (Cronus 305,400)



1. Snowmen are deeply attracted by the happy atmosphere in Cronus City. They`re going to sneak into the city at 20:00-22:00, from Dec. 21st to 23rd, and they’re bringing Christmas Stocking with them. However, Cabella, the snowman manager, is calling heroes to stop them for security.


2. Go collect a Christmas Stocking from Naughty Snowmen, and hang it on the Blessed Christmas Tree. You`ll get a surprise!

3. Kick the Naughty Snowmen hard and make them go home. The Big Trouble Snowman will arrive for revenge. No matter what the snowmen drop, you can have them.