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Xmas Quest - Christmas Tree Decoration

Snowman Show Snowmen's Visit Christmas Tree Decoration
Magic Feast Christmas Ball Eudemon Treasury
Coctail Night Acting Santa Claus Snowman's Trouble



Dec. 21st - 24th


Flowery Xmas Pack
(Open to get one of : 10 Christmas Coins, Coloful Egg Stone, Lucky Xmas Pack)

Fantastic Xmas Pack
(Open to get one of: 100 Christmas Coins, EXP Ball(B), Eudemon Clover(B), Reindeer Pack, Lucky Xmas Pack)


Level 50 and above

Frequency: No limit



Key Item:


Key NPC:

Arale, Fairy (Cronus 266,493)
Mace, Wizard (Cronus 161,513)
Christmas Tree, Cronus (261,493)(275,507)(276,478)(246,507)



1. Arale(266,493)is going to decorate trees. If you’re free, go and give her a hand.


2. Finish some tasks to get the materials for decoration.

3. You’ll be rewarded with Christmas Coins according to the decorations you used, and also a chance to claim a Blessing Stocking.

4. Everyone knows the magic stockings that help collect gifts from Santa Claus. After hanging on a single-colored blessing stocking on the tree, you need to wait 10 minutes for a gift, while for the Colorful Blessing Stocking, it takes 30 minutes to collect a gift.

5. You can claim 1 single-colored blessing stocking on the dress-up Christmas Tree, everyday. We have red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple and a colorful blessing stocking. Colorful Blessing Stocking which was composed by 7 stockings in different colors.