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Xmas Quest - Christmas Ball

Snowman Show Snowmen's Visit Christmas Tree Decoration
Magic Feast Christmas Ball Eudemon Treasury
Coctail Night Acting Santa Claus Snowman's Trouble



18:00 - 24:00 on Dec. 24th (Group Dance Time: 31st - 45 minutes of every hour)


Firework Stick, Charm Stick, Christmas Coin, Eudemon Ticket, etc. (Eudemon Ticket can be used to join "Eudemon Treasury".)
Requirement: Level 50 and above


Snow Pub, Cronus

Key NPC:

Woloshyn, Emcee (Snow Pub 145,169)
Toni, Christmas Envoy (Snow Pub 134,169)
Damian, Christmas Envoy (Snow Pub 156,169)
Danfo, Christmas Envoy (Snow Pub 145,159)
Patrick, Christmas Envoy (Snow Pub 145,179)



1. Are you ready for a carnival night? Go and join the Christmas Ball in the Snow Pub at 18:00 - 24:00, on Dec. 24th. Woloshyn (145,169) is waiting for your visit.

2. There are two parts, solo dance and group dance. You need to perform 10 actions in solo dance, and 15 actions in group dance. Your dance will boost the happy atmosphere in the pub. Once it is peaked, there will be a rain of gifts falling.

3. If you join the group dance from the 31st - 45th minute of every hour, you`ll get double reward and happy points. Besides, completing the solo dance or group dance at the first time will earn yourself a Eudemon Ticket.

4. Completing the solo dance will give you a chance to win a charm stone or firework stone, while ranking top 10 in group dance will bring you a Charm Stick or a Firework Stick.