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Labor Day - Glory Field

Treasure Boxes Glory Field Sam's Garden Hook Fishery



May 10th - 24th, 2017


Sweat Coin (Use it to swap for rewards from Farmer Miller. Right click to find Miller.)


Level 50 or above


Glory Field

Key Items:

Magic Mirror

Yellow Magic Crystal

Red Magic Crystal

Green Magic Crystal

Blue Magic Crystal

Cyan Magic Crystal

Purple Magic Crystal

Shadow Gem

Key NPCs:

Miller, the Farmer (321,402)
Nora, Crystal Warlock (Glory Field 66,63)
Derrick, Shadow Warlock (Glory Field 29,63),



1. Talk to Miller(321,402) in Cronus. He'll help you go to the Glory Field. Find Nora(33,63) in the Glory Field to learn more.

2. Collect various crystals from the Light Crystals. After that, smelt them into Magic Crystals in the Magic Furnace. (If you find the Magic Mirror from the Purple Treasure Box in Glory Field, you can collect double crystals.)

3. Smelting Rules:

Two same-color crystals can be smelt into a Magic Crystal of the same color.
Blue Crystal and Red Crystal can be smelt into a Purple Magic Crystal.
Blue Crystal and Green Crystal can be smelt into a Cyan Magic Crystal.
Red Crystal and Green Crystal can be smelt into a Yellow Magic Crystal.

4. Hand in the Magic Crystals to Nora for Sweat Coins. (One of the six Magic Crystal will enter the climax stage, which means double Sweat Coins will be given. The same effect will happen when Magic Crystals resonate from 18:30 to 19:30!)

5. The White Light Stone will appear in the Glory Field at 18:30-19:30. Extract Shadow Gems from it. Derrick, the Shadow Warlock will pay you Sweat Coins for the Shadow Gems!

6. Use the Sweat Coins to swap for rewards from Miller.