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Labor Day - Hook Fishery

Treasure Boxes Glory Field Sam's Garden Hook Fishery



18:30-21:30 May 10th - 24th, 2017


Sweat Coin (Use it to swap for rewards from Farmer Miller. Right click to find Miller.)

Labor Honor Certificate


Level 50 or above


Sam's Garden

Key Items:

Chemical Fertilizer

Fishing Rod

Blink Fish

Fleet Fish

Roar Fish

Daze Fish

Mystic Fish

Transform Fish

Unknown Fish

Key NPCs:

Miller, the Farmer (321,402)
Lowry, Fishery Owner (Hook Fishery 132,120)
Jeff, Fishery Manager (Hook Fishery 134,118),



1. Talk to Miller(321,402) in Cronus during 18:30-21:30. He'll help you go to Hook Fishery. Buy a Fishing Rod from Lowry(132,120) to start fishing!

2. Different fish can be swap for different amount of Sweat Coins from Lowry.

3. During 20:30-21:30, you'll even get the Unknown Fish and Transform Fish! Jeff(134,118) will give your plenty of Sweat Coins for the Unknown Fish. Eat the Transform Fish to transform yourself!

4. You may find Blue Treasure Boxes in Hook Fishery. Special rewards are hiding inside! You may use them to get better fishes.

5. Use Sweat Coins to swap for rewards from Miller!