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Labor Day - Sam's Garden

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May 10th - 24th, 2017
19:30 - 20:30 is the golden time to plant Purple Fruit Trees.


Sweat Coin (Use it to swap for rewards from Farmer Miller. Right click to find Miller.)

Fashion Pack (It contains a Celestial Robe, a Royal Attire, or a Flame Coat.)


Level 50 or above


Sam's Garden

Key Items:

Chemical Fertilizer

Purple Fruit Seed

Red Apple Seed


Super Dog Food

Common Dog Food

Forest Dog

Purple Fruit

Red Apple

Key NPCs:

Miller, the Farmer (321,402)
Sam, Garden Owner (Sam's Garden 66,63)
Sarah, Fruit Manager (Sam's Garden 103,64),



1. Talk to Miller(321,402) in Cronus. He'll help you go to Sam's Garden. Visit Sam to learn about his garden.

2. Each day, you can claim 10 Red Apple Seeds from Sam. Plant the seeds in the garden, fruits will be ready for harvest in 10 minutes. If you don`t harvest the ripe fruits in 10 minutes, they will get rotten or stolen. (If you harvest between 19:30 and 20:30, double Red Apples can be harvested!)

3. You can steal other people's fruits. However, if you got bite by the Forest Dog, you'll lose some Sweat Coins. Be sure to rent a Forest Dog to guard your trees.
Use Common/Super Dog Food to take away the Forest Dog.

4. Use Chemical Fertilizer to speed up the ripening time by 2 minutes. Help people water or weed will earn you extra Sweat Coins.

5. At 19:30-20:30, you can claim precious Purple Fruit Seeds from Sarah (3 per day). Plant them to get more Sweat Coins.