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Labor Day - Treasure Boxes

Treasure Boxes Glory Field Sam's Garden Hook Fishery


Duration May 10th - 24th, 2017

Surprise Stone (Use it to get a bigger or smaller body size for 5 minutes.)

Holy Scroll (Use it to get a special status for 10 minutes.)

Magic Mirror (With it in your bag, you can collect double crystals from the Light Crystals.)

Super Dog Food (Use it to take away a Forest Dog.)

Bait (With this, you'll have a chance to catch better fish.)

And Astral Cards, Transform Fish, Fashion Pack, 1-hour EXP, 1-hour Blessing, and more.

Server All servers
Requirement Level 50 or above
Location Hook Fishery, Sam’s Garden, Glory Field

Miller, the Farmer (321,402)
Blue Treasure Box
Green Treasure Box
Purple Treasure Box


During May 10th - 24th, go visit Miller(321,402) to learn about Labor Day quests.

If you're level 50 or above, Miller will help you go to Hook Fishery(18:30-21:00), Sam's Garden, and Glory Field.

You can find Blue Treasure Boxes in Hook Fishery, Green Treasure Boxes in Sam's Garden, and Purple Treasure Boxes in Glory Field. Open the box to get all kinds of rewards! (Only the first one who opened the box, can get the rewards inside. So be quick!)