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Dragon Boat Festival Quest - Water Monster


June 16th - June 18th


Gems, 8-Star Universal O,Zongzi


Collect 500 Strong Drinks in a day to force the Water Monster to appear.


Once a day



Name: Strong Drink
Description: Deliver the drink to Abbott. With 500 Strong Drinks, we can force the Water Monster to appear.

Name: Dragon Boat Zongzi(B)
Description: a glutinous rice dumpling wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves, is one of the traditional foods of the Dragon Boat Festival. You have chance to get Garden Permit or Broken Garden Permit.


Brief Walkthrough

1. On June 16th - June 18th speak with Abbott (Cronus, 500,104) to learn more about the event.
2. Kill monster to collect Strong Drinks. Then deliver the drinks to Abbott from 20:00-22:00.
3. When Abbott pours 500 Strong Drinks into the water, the Water Monster will appear. Kill it go get plenty of gems and Dragon Boat Zongzi(B).

Detailed Walkthrough

Abbott told you that the Water Monster is afraid of Strong Drinks. If we pour enough Strong Drinks into the water, it will be forced to appear. Kill it and bring back our tranquility and peace!

During the event, you can deliver Strong Drinks to Abbott at 20:00-22:00. If he successfully collects 500 Strong Drinks and pours them into the water, the Water Monster will appear.

As for the Strong Drinks, you can get them when you kill monsters. Try your best to help collect as many as possible! And then you can deliver them to Abbot at 20:00-22:00.

Great! 500 Strong Drinks were poured into the water, and the Water Monster appeared! Kill the devil, for glory and for treasure!

Well done! The Water Monster was killed! You received many rewards!