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2019 Chinese New year-Wealth God Carnival

The Year Beast Nien Wealth God Carnival Spring Festival Greeting New Year Auction



Feb. 4th – Feb 12th  11:00、16:00 and 21:00


Name: EP Box
Description: The box from Wealth God. It contains not only EP, but also blessing. Right Click to open.


All server


Level 70+, 300BP and have summon 3 pets ability
No restriction for creating Wealth Wonderland


Red Packet Carnival: 11:00-11:15, 14:00-14:15 and 21:00-21:15;
No restriction for creating Wealth Wonderland



Key item

Name: XXX Greeting
Description: Red Packet from Wealth God. Open to check the gift.


Name: Wealth God Lee
Function: Guide;Portal
Location: Cronus(349,391)


From Feb. 4th to Feb. 12th, visit Wealth God Lee and know about rules.

You can enter Red Pack paradise through Wealth God Lee.


Wealth God Lee will throw red packet out for 15 minutes every 11:00, 16:00 and 21:00.

All people who achieve level 70+, Level 70+, 300BP and have summon 3 pets ability can participate in it.

Open red packet and you can get different reward.

You can also create Wealth Wonderland through Lee or by Portal, in which you can share your EPs with others. (Less than 20 people one time)

After inviting others, talk to Melanie to allot the EPs you want to share.

People in Wealth Wonderland can pick up box to get the EP you share.