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2019 Chinese New year-Spring Festival Greeting

The Year Beast Nien Wealth God Carnival Spring Festival Greeting New Year Auction



Feb. 4th – Feb. 12th


Golden Pig Coin
Description: From Feb.4th to 14th, you can use it to exchange reward. After Feb.15th, every 100 coins can be used to exchange with one PostHoliday Box.


All server


Level 90+


No limit



Key item

Blank Pig Year Greeting Card
Description: A brand new Greeting Card. Write down your wish and send it to others.

Blank Pig Year Blessing Card
Description: A brand new Blessing Card. Write down your wish and send it to others.


Name: Greeting Card Seller
Function: Guide; Greet Card Sale
Location: Cronus(354,363)


From 4th of Feb to 12th of Feb, you can buy greeting card from Greeting Card Seller.


Right click the card and write down your blessing.


Send the finished greeting card to your friend. You can get Pig Year Coins when you send out greeting card. 10 times per day.


When people open your card, this person can get some coins. 20 times per day.

You also have chance to get Blank Blessing Card when you open Greeting Cards from others. This card will reward more coins by chance when you send it out or receive it.