Seraph Celebration

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Roaring Fefnir Funny Pumpkins Magic Memory Annoying Mice

Duration Apr. 8th - Apr. 13th , 2013
Rewards Eps, PPs, Roses, a lot of EXP, God’s Blessing, gold and so on.
Location Cronus, Seraph Altar
Key Items
Fortune Coin
Right click to play the Fortune Roulette and get rewards. It can be used 10 times.
Key NPCs Michael (Cronus 268,492); Friel (Cronus 302, 407):
Introduce the celebration, send players into Seraph Altar, Exchanges for the fortune coins
Ares Envoy (Cronus 253, 496):
dedicate Divine Points and claim 500 EPs here
Hephaestus Envoy (Cronus 258,496), Poseidon Envoy (Cronus 258, 501):
Dedicate Divine Points and claim 200 EPs here
Demeter Envoy (Cronus 253, 496), Mnemosyne Envoy (Cronus 23, 501), Artemis Envoy (Cronus 253, 506):
Dedicate Divine Points and claim 100 EPs here
Hermes Envoy (Cronus 263, 488):
Dedicate Divine Points and claim 500 PPs here
Thanatus Envoy (Cronus 258, 488), Athena Envoy (Cronus 258, 483):
Dedicate Divine Points and claim 200 PPs here
Apollo Envoy (Cronus 253, 488), Dionysus Envoy (Cronus 253, 483), Aphrodite Envoy (Cronus 253, 478):
Dedicate Divine Points and claim 100 PPs here

Detailed Walkthrough
The Divine Path has opened. With the arriving of Michael and Friel, the Seraph Celebration has begun. Join in the celebration, get the Divine Points to exchange for the fortune coins and win EPs and PPs from Apr. 8th - Apr. 13th.

Here is the event schedule:

Events Time
Top Boxer Apr. 8th, 12:00 – 13:00 and 20:00- 21:00
Wrestling Game Apr. 9th, 12:00 – 13:00 and 20:00- 21:00
Roaring Fefnir Apr. 10th, 12:00 – 13:00 and 20:00- 21:00
Funny Pumpkins Apr. 11th, all day (Time for claiming rewards: 20:00 -21:00)
Magic Memory Apr. 12th, 12:00 – 13:00 and 20:00- 21:00
Annoying Mice Apr. 13th, 12:00 – 13:00 and 20:00- 21:00

You can take part in the celebration quests to gain the Divine Points, dedicate to God and win EPs. Besides, you can exchange 200 Divine Points for a fortune coin. The Divine Points you consumed will not affect the total Divine Points.

Using the fortune coin, you will have a chance to obtain EXP, increase attack, gold, God’s blessing and even communicate with God. 1 fortune coin can be used for 10 times.

How to win EPs and PPs?
1. There are 6 Seraph envoys with EPs and 6 envoys with PPs. You can dedicate the Divine Points to one of them Before 21:30 on June 6th. If you have the most Divine points, you will be the winner and you are unable to dedicate to other Gods.

2. If other players dedicate more Divine Points to the same God than you, he will take the place of you and you can choose another God to dedicate, or dedicate more points to take your place back.

3. The winners will be decided on Apr. 13th 21:30 and then they can claim the EPs and PPs from the envoys. The prize will be reserved till June 20th, 0:00. Please claim them in time.