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Requirement None
Limit None
Location Cronus
Babel Edict, which will send you to the corresponding floor of the Tower of Babel.
NPC Babel Merchant (Cronus 281,514)
Austin (Cronus 277,514)


The 2nd floor - the 10th floor: Gold
The 11th floor - the 18th floor: You may have a chance to win one of the following items:

The 11th Floor The 12th Floor
10 mins EXP 50 mins EXP
Blue Pack (5 EPs) Azure Pack (25 EPs)
Purple Pack (10 EPs) Crimson Pack (50 EPs)
Green Pack (20 EPs) Phantom Pack (100 EPs)
Wobbly Pack (270 EPs) Bright Pack (1,350 EPs)
Judah Staff (1,380 EPs) Frost Bite (6,900 EPs)
The 13th Floor The 14th Floor
 100 mins EXP 150 mins EXP
Crimson Pack (50 EPs) Phantom Pack (100 EPs)
Phantom Pack (100 EPs) Shadow Pack (200 EPs)
Shadow Pack (200 EPs) Light Pack (400 EPs)
Shimmer Pack (2,700 EPs) Space Pack (5,400 EPs)
Flaming Pendant (13,800 EPs) Royalist Claymore (27,600 EPs)
The 15th Floor The 16th Floor
200 mins EXP 250 mins EXP
Velour Pack (250 EPs) Temptation Pack (500 EPs)
Temptation Pack (500 EPs) Starlit Pack (1,000 EPs)
Starlit Pack (1,000 EPs) Luck Pack(2,000 EPs)
Dance Pack (13,500 EPs) Sentiment Pack(27,000 EPs)
Inferno Ring (69,000 EPs) Reverser Sight(138,000 EPs)
The 17th Floor The 18th Floor
300 mins EXP 500 mins EXP
Starlit Pack (1,000 EPs) Glamor Pack (2,500 EPs)
Luck Pack(2,000 EPs) Ice Pack (5,000 EPs)
Flame Pack (4,000 EPs) Sphere Pack (10,000 EPs)
Echo Pack (54,000 EPs) Babel Pack (135,000 EPs)
Delish Pearl (276,000 EPs) Void Hammer(690,000 EPs)

Detailed Walkthrough:
18 Demonic Lords attacked the Tower of Babel and killed all the guards inside. The guards are stationed on the 18 floors of the tower. Cronus needs you now! Pay a visit to Austin and the Babel Merchant for more details.

Entering Babel

There are two ways to enter Babel:
1. If you don't have EPs but have a lot of time and extraordinary patience, you can pay Austin 10,000 gold to enter the first floor of the tower.
2. We recommend you to spend some EPs on the Babel Edicts from the Babel Merchant, which will directly send you into the corresponding floor of the tower.

Go Upstairs:

1. Now you arrive in the Tower of the Babel. If you want to go upstairs, you can talk with the Hermit and take one of the 4 quests from him.

1) Kill 25 Beetle Pestles.

2) Take a Silver Spade and dig out the tainted bead.

3) Wait 2 minutes so that the Babel Hermit can repair the portal.

4) Use the torch to light up all 4 beacons.

2. After finishing the quest, go back to the Hermit to activate the portal on this floor.

3. There are 4 portals on each floor, but only one of them leads upstairs. If you are unlucky, you will stay on the same floor, and if your luck has completely run out, you will be sent downstairs. Then you need to take another quest from the Hermit to activate the portal again. This cycle will continue until you go upstairs or give up.

Kill the Demonic Lords:

In the center of the tower, you will find the Demonic Lord. Defeat it for the rewards.

  1. After killing the lord, you will be sent back to Cronus with the rewards. If you want to go upstairs, just leave the lord on that floor alone.
  2. You might have a low chance to get the lords' treasures. Sell it to the Babel Merchant for EPs or right click to destroy it for experience.