Souvenir Collection

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To celebrate the launching of the new server, from Sep.26 th to Oct. 5th, players on Birmingham will be granted with double Exp.

And there is also an event specially designed for Birmingham, which is called 'Souvenir Collection'.

Time 2008-09-26~2008-10-9
Reward 540 PPs
Requirements none
Location Cronus, Elven City and Gobi Desert
Key Items Monday: SEButton
Tuesday: SouvenirCard
Wednesday: BlackChocolate
Thursday: Diamond
Friday: Racket
Saturday: CustardPowder
Sunday: SovereignCase
Key NPC Edmond, Cronus(161,405)

Dallas, Elven City(143,177)

Hamilton, Gobi Deset(188,360)

You have 2 weeks to collect all the 7 Souvenirs.

First, you have to sign up for this activity, then you can claim special souvenirs from just being online for 3 hours. Simple enough?

And between Oct. 10 th to 20 th , you can exchange the 7 Souvenirs for 540 pps from the same NPC.

Hope to see you in Birmingham !

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