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Demon Cases

Requirement None
Limit None
Location Cronus
Demon Cases are sealed with strange markings. Once opened, kill the unsealed monsters.
NPC Chapman (Cronus 281,511)

You may have a chance to win one of the following items:
Footman Case Knight Case
ExpStone (10 mins EXP) Miracle Crystal (50 mins EXP)
Hope EP Pouch (5 EPs) Joy Pack (25 EPs)
Auspice EP Pouch (10 EPs) Happy Pack (50 EPs)
Fortune EP Pouch (20 EPs) Miracle Pack (100 EPs)
Fantasy EP Card (270 EPs) Pure Crystal (1,350 EPs)
Luck EP Card (1,380 EPs) Mystic Crystal (6,900 EPs)
Baron Case Viscount Case
Mystic Gem (100 mins EXP) Magic Gem (150 mins EXP)
Blaze Pack (50 EPs) Silent Pack (250 EPs)
Blessing Pack (100 EPs) Spirit Pack (500 EPs)
Saint Pack (200 EPs) Soul Pack (1,000 EPs)
Starlit Crystal (2,700 EPs) Master Pack (13,500 EPs)
Fantasy Crystal (13,800 EPs) Deity Pack (69,000 EPs)
Count Case Marquis Case
Shadow Gem (200 mins EXP) EXP Crystal (300 mins EXP)
Wingspan Pack (500 EPs) Soul Jewel (1,000 EPs)
Emperor Pack (1,000 EPs) Angel Jewel (2,000 EPs)
Angel Pack (2,000 EPs) Piety Jewel (4,000 EPs)
Deity Pack (27,000 EPs) Meditation Jewel (54,000 EPs)
Elysium Pack (138,000 EPs) Heaven Pack (276,000 EPs)
Duke Case  
EXP Gem (500 mins EXP)  
Chaos Jewel (2,500 EPs)  
Myths Jewel (5,000 EPs)  
Watcher Jewel (10,000 EPs)  
Flamen Jewel (135,000 EPs)  
Nirvana Pack (690,000 EPs)  

Brief Note
1. Find Chapman in Cronus (281,511) to purchase the varied Demon Cases.
2. The Demon Cases are sealed with strange markings. Once opened, kill the unsealed monsters, and you will be handsomely rewarded.

Chapman has been appointed to sell 7 kinds of Demon Cases in Cronus. These cases are the Footman Case, Knight Case, Baron Case, Viscount Case, Count Case, Marquis Case, and Duke Case.

If you have some EPs, you can exchange them for different Demon Cases. The Duke and Marquis case are the best, and the evil creature sealed within is said to carry a wonderful treasure!

Please keep in mind that you should find a secret place to open your case, as your reward may be captured by others.

You can only open the cases outside the cities. Kill the sealer Troll Ralder inside the chest to earn a generous EXP and EPs reward.