Daily Quest - Dragon Killing

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Time: 9:30~11:30 and 21:30~23:30, everyday
NPC: Commander (Cronus 312,533)
Requirement: Level 100+
Rewards: A lot of experience, 1 day God's Blessing

Event Items - 7 Dragon Balls:




1. Visit Commander (Cronus 312,533) between 9:30~11:30 or 21:30~23:30, and he will send level 100+ players to the teleporter Eudemon (GobiDesert 747,913) at the entrance of the Dragon Cave.


2. You can choose 1 of 10 maps to enter the dragon cave during the event. Only 50 players are allowed to enter a map at a time.


3. There are 7 dragon kings with different kinds of attributes in the cave. Their names indicate their specific attributes: Fire Dragon, Ice Dragon, Air Dragon, Thunder Dragon, Dark Dragon, Earth Dragon and Light Dragon. If you get lost in the cave, you can use path finding to help you.


4. When you defeat a dragon king, you can get a dragon ball from the treasure trunk. After killing all 7 dragon kings, the dragon king boss will wake up and attack you if you talk to him. It will summon the souls of the 7 dragon kings to fight alongside him.


5. After defeating the dragon king boss put the 7 dragon balls onto the Dragon Altar by clicking on it.

6. You have released the suffering souls of the ancient dragon kings and have been rewarded.

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