Weekend Event - Fairy Day

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Every Saturday 10:00-12:00 and 18:00 - 20:00: Killing Demon Soldiers
Before 23:59, Sunday: visit the key NPCs for rewards
Roses, Star Blessing, Moon Blessing, Eudemon Eggs, Portal Pack, Red Stones, Fireworks, Exp Ball
Cronus City, Elven City, Gobi Desert, Dark Marsh, Icy Land, Island

Detailed Walkthrough
On Saturday 1 of the following quests will be held randomly: Fairy Egg, Ancient Case, Fairy Case and Magical Box. You will find that some new NPCs appearing in cities. Talk with them for details about the quests.

Fairy Eggs Fairy Case Ancient Case Magical Box
Lily (Cronus 253,478) Cronus( 261, 501)
Elven City (142,215)
Gobi Desert (163,432)
Dark Marsh (476, 518)
Island (913,979)
Icy Land (333,323)
Shrek (Cronus 265,478)
Alpha (Elven City 166,208 )
Beta (Gobi Desert 148, 409)
Gama (Icy Land 334,310)
Delta (Island 909,991)
Lancelot (Dark Marsh 460,514)
Cronus (274, 482)
Elven City (145,224)
Gobi Desert (148,423)
Dark Marsh (466,505)
Island (918,993)
Icy Land (343,333)

You must have noticed that there is a new kind of monsters appearing outside the cities - Demon Soldiers. Except for their different appearance, there is nothing special about them on ordinary days. However on Saturday, from 10:00-12:00 and 18:00-20:00, they will drop special items.

Fairy Eggs:
You will get Fairy Eggs from the Demon Soldiers. Take them to the Eudemon Hatcher Lily in Cronus. She will hatch one Fairy Egg at a time. After 20 minutes you will receive a card in its place.

Fairy Case:
The Demons Soldiers will drop Fairy Cases during 10:00-12:00 and 18:00-20:00, the 3rd Saturday of each month. Pick them up and visit the Fairy Keeper in the cities to hold a 20-minute ceremony for each case. Then you will get some Holy Packs as rewards.

Ancient Case:
Kill the Demons Soldiers and you will get 3 kinds of cases: Iron Case, Copper Case and Silver Case, each are sealed with treasures inside. You need to find the Locksmith to make keys and right click on the cases to open them. Remember, before visiting the Locksmith, you should prepare 3 pieces of the corresponding ores first. Then wait 20 minutes for the key.

Magical Box:
Can you see the Magic Pinasters in the cities, with many magical boxes around? You can only claim one box every 20 minutes. However, the Pinasters lost the Magic Hexagram, which is used to open the boxes. You need to kill the Demons Soldiers to gather the Magic Hexagram.

What presents will you get? Roses, experience, eudemon eggs, but what else? Well, you'd better find out for yourself. Good luck! Please pay close attention to the time. The NPCs will leave on 24:00, Sunday.

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