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EO's Family Adventure - Fishing Party

Baby, Go, Go, Go! Fishing Party



Nov. 15th, 2017 - Jan. 31st, 2018


Baby Shell

(Swap Baby Shells for Super Growth Packs with Sandry.)

Super Growth Pack
(Get a bound gift from Pregnancy Spirit, Snow Gineseng, Divine Herb, Happy Steak, and Gold/Silver/Copper Enlightenment Coin.)

Baby Fashion Pack
(Open to receive a 3-day bound baby garment.)


Level 50 and above

Frequency: No limit


Fishing Ground

Key Item:


Fishing Pole

Blinking Fish

Swift Fish

Roaring Fish

Dull Fish

Alien Fish

Super Fish

Treasure Fish

Key NPC:

Lokes (Fishing Groud 132,120)
Jeff (Fishing Groud 134,118)
Sandry (Cronus 284,404)



1. During 19:00-20:00 from 15th November to 31st January, get to Fishing Ground through Sandry(184,404) in Cronus City. Buy a fishing pole from Lockes(132,120) in the Fishing Ground.

2. Every kind of ordinary fish caught could be used for swapping Baby Shells with Lockes. Fish kind decides the number of Baby Shells exchanged.

3. During the golden period 19:30-20:00, you may catch Super Fish. The Treasure Fish worths a great amout of Baby Shell, and eating Super Fish can trasform your look into funny ones.

4. You may come across Blue Chests, which contains special baits and that could increase the chance to catch extraordinary Super Fish and Treasure Fish.

5. Swap Baby Shells for reward from Sandry.