Flower Cards

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There will be 10 traders waiting in the Market, who are always ready to serve you. If you have gathered enough cards from the events, you can swap them for Eudemons, clothes, experience, equipment, and more!

Flower Cards

Card Trader Special Items Trader Exp Trader Firework Trader Rose Trader
Clothes Trader Gear Trader Item Trader Eudemon Trader 7-Day Garment Trader

1. Card Trader -- Aimee (Cronus 229,514):

Different rewards require different types cards, as well as different amounts! You’ll need to trade them with Aimee, first. 10 Flower Cards can be exchanged for 1 Ocean Card; 10 Ocean Cards for 1 Silver Card, 10 Silver Cards for 1 Gold Card, and vice versa. You can also pay 50,000 Gold for 10 Ocean Wands, which can help you convert 10 Flower Cards into 1 Ocean Card!

Exchange for Rewards

2. Special Items Trader -- Meggie (Cronus 236,514):

Your body size will be changed after takeing these items. The disguise effect will last 5 minutes by using common ones and 20 minutes by using the power ones.

Special Items Requried Card(s) Body Size Change
Disguise Potion 1 Ocean Card 70%, 50%, 30%, 150%, 180% or 200% of normal size, randomly .
Power Disguise Potion 3 Ocean Cards
Disguise Pill 2 Ocean Cards 70%, 50% or 30% of normal size, randomly.
Power Disguise Pill 6 Ocean Cards
Disguise Powder 2 Ocean Cards 150%, 180% or 200% of normal size, randomly.
Power Disguise Powder 6 Ocean Cards
Disguise Drug 5 Ocean Cards 30% of normal size.
Power Disguise Drug 15 Ocean Cards
Disguise Plume 5 Ocean Cards 200% of normal size.
Power Disguise Plume 15 Ocean Cards
Disguise Stone 1 Silver Card any size between 30% and 200% of its normal size, as your wish.
Power Disguise Stone 3 Silver Cards

3. Exp Trader -- Stuart (Cronus 223,514)

Exchange for Rewards

4. Firework Trader - Randy (Cronus 213,514)

Exchange for Rewards

5. Rose Trader - Joyce (Cronus 207,514)

1 Red/White Rose 6 Flower Cards
3 Red/White Roses 1 Ocean Card
9 Red/White Roses 2 Ocean Cards
99 Red/White Roses 2 Silver Cards
999 Red/White Roses 2 Gold Cards

6. Clothes Trader - Irene (Cronus 196,514)

For Male Players For Female Players Required Cards
Dragon Corselet Emerald Robe 3 Silver Cards
Royal Attire Royal Attire 3 Silver Cards
Rose Lovebird Rose Lovebird 3 Silver Cards
Manderine Manderine 6 Silver Cards
Summer Hunter Summer Hunter 6 Silver Cards
Silver Wings Golden Wings 2 Gold Cards
Obsidian Mail Jasper Tunic 2 Gold Cards
Shadow Moon Violet Diamond 2 Gold Cards
Grey Mantle Juno Bird Robe 2 Gold Cards
Roman Lorica Roman Lorica 2 Gold Cards
Flam Coat Flam Coat 2 Gold Cards
Silent Coat Glory Armor 2 Gold Cards
Miracle Light Miracle Light 5 Gold Cards

7. Gear Trader - Rock (Cronus 196,520)

  Mage Elite Magic Sea Hat 3 Ocean Cards
Elite Agility Necklace 3 Ocean Cards
Elite Apprentice Armor 3 Ocean Cards
Elite Citrine Bracelet 3 Ocean Cards
Elite Vison Boots 3 Ocean Cards
Elite Ratan Staff 3 Ocean Cards
  Warrior Elite Blue Crest Helmet 3 Ocean Cards
Elite Thunder Necklace 3 Ocean Cards
Elite Ringed Armor 3 Ocean Cards
Elite Circle Bracelet 3 Ocean Cards
Elite Steel Boots 3 Ocean Cards
Elite Heart Blade 3 Ocean Cards
Elite Curly Sword 3 Ocean Cards
  Paladin Elite Phoenix Tiara 3 Ocean Cards
Elite Arachnid Pendant 3 Ocean Cards
Elite Leather Cloak 3 Ocean Cards
Elite Demonic Armlet 3 Ocean Cards
Elite Strolling Boots 3 Ocean Cards
Elite Violet Wand 3 Ocean Cards
Vampire Elite Feral Talons 3 Ocean Cards
Elite Necklace of Lust 3 Ocean Cards
Elite Midnight Bracelet 3 Ocean Cards
Elite Glacial Boots 3 Ocean Cards
Elite Robe of Coronach 3 Ocean Cards
Elite Dark Feast Hat 3 Ocean Cards

8. Item Trader - Clement (Cronus 196,530)

Exchange for Rewards

9. Eudemon Trader - Brenda (Cronus 196,536):

Exchange for Rewards

You can exchange the cards for any kind of Eudemons you like here:

Warrior Eudemons Mage Eudemons Special Eudemons Mounts
(1 Flower Card)
(1 Flower Card)
(1 Ocean Card)
Sapphire Dino
(3 Ocean Cards)
Warrior Patk
(1 Ocean Card)
(1 Ocean Card)
Saint Dragon
(3 Ocean Cards)
Ruby Dino
(3 Ocean Cards)
Warrior Pdef
(1 Ocean Card)
(1 Ocean Card)
Warrior Rex
(6 Ocean Cards)
Snow Raptor
(3 Ocean Cards)
Warrior Geppy
(3 Ocean Cards)
Mage Pipy
(3 Ocean Cards)
Warrior Neil
(6 Ocean Cards)
Fire Raptor
(3 Ocean Cards)
Warrior Nana
(3 Ocean Cards)
Mage Peppy
(3 Ocean Cards)
Eudemon Diana
(3 Silver Cards)
Bronze Rhino
(6 Ocean Cards)
Warrior Lanir
(3 Ocean Cards)
Mage Tinna
(3 Ocean Cards)
Eudemon Adam
(3 Silver Cards)
Copper Rhino
(6 Ocean Cards)
Warrior Cute
(6 Ocean Cards)
Mage Gos
(6 Ocean Cards)
Eudemon Austin
(3 Silver Cards)
(6 Ocean Cards)
Berserker Kahn
(1 Ocean Card)
Shadowmage Liz
(1 Ocean Card)
Eudemon Flora
(3 Silver Cards)
Bane Jabberwock
(6 Ocean Cards)
(3 Ocean Cards)
(3 Ocean Cards)
(6 Ocean Cards for each)
Dread Jabberwock
(6 Ocean Cards)
Storm Soul
(1 Ocean Card)
Hellfire Pike
(1 Ocean Card)
(6 Ocean Cards for each)
Blazing Wing
(1 Silver Card)
Venus Sage
(1 Ocean Card)
Blood Sage
(1 Ocean Card)
Astral Eudemons/Mounts
(3 Ocean Cards for each)
Glacial Wing
(1 Silver Card)
(1 Silver Card)
(1 Silver Card)
Venus Phantom
(1 Silver Card)
Blood Phantom
(1 Silver Card)
(1 Silver Card)

10. 7-Day Garment Trader - Hannah (Cronus 196,546 )

Exchange for Rewards

7-Day Garment Required Cards
Xmas Clothes 1 Silver Card
Swallow Doublet 3 Silver Cards
Lime Houppelande 3 Silver Cards
Pink Romance 3 Silver Cards

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