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Forging Mission (Level 15): Gaby's Problem

1.When you reach level 15, go see Heims and choose the Level 1-30 Forging Mission: Gaby's Problem. You will then be teleported to Gaby.

2. After talking to Gaby, you discover that he has accepted the robe/armor upgrade mission but he is unable to complete it. He begs you to help and gives you the robe/armor, a VioletOre, a RedOre and a YellowOre and tells you to find the teacher (in the market) who can upgrade the robe/armor.

3. Visit Angelina in the market (316,500). You need to pick out the stone that is used for quality upgrades. If you choose correctly, you will need to visit Beirut.

4. Beirut then promises to help Gaby. He will upgrade your item and ask you to visit Renee to add a bonus to your robe/armor.

5. Rynee agrees to help Gaby, but she can not complete the bonus upgrade. So she writes a letter for you to take to Gaby. Open it and you will get 10000 EXP and learn the secret of how the 3 ores work.

6. When you give the robe to Gaby, he says that a robe without a bonus doesn't meet his needs and he does not take the robe/armor away. Instead, he gives the robe/armor to you as a gift. Mission complete. You get 100000 exp and a refined armor/robe.

100000 EXP and a refined robe/armor

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