Quest - Mage Skill

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Mage Skill


If you have reached level 34+ and haven't yet learned the skill Tornado, you may go to the city in the Gobi Desert to find the Mage Trainer (143,342). She will tell you that her Magic Stone Seal was stolen by an evil presence in the desert, then she will tell you the secret of Firepower.

Mage Trainer (143,342)
Find Firepower

1. Kill the evil in the desert to get the Magic Stone Seal.
2. Read the seal which tells you that the Fire Dragons in the desert have Firepowers.
3. Collect 15 Firepowers to give to the Mage Trainer and she will reward you with a Tornado Book.

Tornado Book

Quest 2
Find Fire Source
Complete 'Find Firepower' quest

1. Kill the Furious Dragon to get Fire Source.
2. Take the Fire Source to Mage Trainer, she will reward you a lot.

Mage equipment, EXP.

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