The Mount Race


Registrar in Cronus, at (172,388)
Level 30, a 10 stars Mount

9:00-10:00 and 19:00-20:00 (Twice a day) on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
Sept. 8th - 10th
Sept. 15th - 17th
Sept. 22nd - 24th
Sept. 29th - Oct. 1st

1st: Super Citrine
2nd: Thunder Juice
3rd: Moon Box
4th-5th: 270 PPs
6th-10th: Red Stone Sack (5 Red Stones inside)
Others: You may get 3-hour EXP



To join this event you must have a 10-star mount and be above level 30, then proceed to the Registrar in Cronus, at (172, 388) to sign up for the Mount Race!

Please do remember to enter the Obstacle Course before 9:00 am and 7:00 pm, the gate will be closed when the mount race begins.

The supervisor of the mount race will be directing the rules: It is simple enough, be the first to reach the destination through an obstacle course.

You can also quit the race with his help.

You will not be able to attack other players but will be able to buy some special items to slow down your fellow competitors. The merchant boy will give you 3 special items for free at the beginning of the course and randomly appear in the course and sell them.

The noble woman is taking a walk in the course. But she will let you go as long as you talk to her.

The peasant's oxcart is stuck in the mud. He won`t leave unless a team leader talks to him and another team member is just around.

The hunter is mad because all his prey were scared away by the running mounts and people. You need to make a team of 4 contestants and he won`t leave unless the team leader apologizes.

A Drunkard! Talk to him and you'll find the way to get rid of him.

The riddle girl! She has numerous riddles. If you can't get the answer, she won't let you go!

There are a lot of demon chiefs in the course. They are not just here to watch the race. If you have any special items, he will call out a evil toll man, a bandit or a blocker to cause a little trouble for your opponents.

A Tollman letter will summon a evil toll man. He is so greedy that he won't leave unless you pay him enough gold.

But if you have a Cronus book in your inventory, you can scare the toll man away.

A Bandit letter will summon a bandit. This guy is a crazy special items collector. He won't let you go if you don't give him one.

A BlockerLetter will summon a blocker. He fears nothing excect pumpkin masks. Strange, hah?

You can also buy witch bottles and Inn brochures from the merchant boy. A Witch Bottle can set a trap on the path and send others to the Witch`s garden.

But if there is an exorcism bottle in your inventory, you won't be sent to the Witch's garden even if you happen to step on the trap.

An Inn Brochure can set a trap on the path and send other contestants to the evil inn. The inn keeper will be very happy to entertain them.

But if there is a VIP Card in your inventory, you won't be sent to the Evil Inn even if you have stepped on the trap. Hah, one more thing, the Witch is very kind to contestants that are on the course. If one of your teammates is stuck, you can set him free simply by talking to the witch.

You can find Treasure boxes along the course. It may bring you good luck or send you to the evil inn.

Go go go! The end point is just over there! And the prizes for the mount race are fabulous!

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