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Daily Quest - The Return of Saxis

The Return of Saxis


20:00-22:00 everyday

Legion members, 20 million gold
Key NPCs
Prophet (Cronus 142,396), Catherine (Cronus 221,260)
Reborn+1 sphere, 25 together every day, 5 for each legion


  1. Every day after 19:00, a prophet will appear at Cronus (142,396). Legion leaders can talk to him and open the gate to the Saxis' cata fort. 20 million in gold is required.

  2. After the leader has opened the gate, all the members can visit Catherine in Cronus (221,260) to enter the Saxis' hall after 20:00. A legion will be sent into the cata fort.

3. In the Saxis cata fort, players need to fight their way through 8 rooms, 4 chambers,and the left and right halls and finally kill Saxis in the final hall. The paths in the cata fort are guarded by monsters who reside in the cata maze.

4. In each room, there is a knight. After killing 100 monsters in each room, he will appear. You need to kill all the knights in the 2 rooms to reach the chamber connected to it.

  Path finding will help you find your way more easily.

  5. After defeating a knight, talk to the armored blue guard. You will be sent to the next chamber.

  There are 4 chambers with a 'numen'. You need to kill the numens to enter the left/right halls. However, in the chambers, the numens won't appear until you have killed enough elementals or finished enough missions.

  6. After killing 100 sorcerers and the Saxis' idol, you can enter the Saxis' hall.

  7. Once in the Saxis' hall, he will summon all the knights, numens and idols that you have already vanquished. Kill them all again and after that you can enter the warehouse behind the hall and claim the reborn +1 sphere. There are 5 available for each legion everyday.

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