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Seraph Celebration - Roaring Fefnir

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Duration Apr. 27th, 12:00 - 13:00 and 20:00- 21:00
Rewards Bronze Medal (10 Divine Points), Gold Medal (50 Divine Points),
Diamond Medal (100 Divine Points), Red Stone, Divine ExpBall, Smelt Symbol, Cattles, etc.
Limitation Once
Location Cronus, Seraph Altar, Poseidon Palace
Key Items
Poseidon Wand:
Used to break the Leviathan Eggs.
Key NPCs Michael (Cronus 268,492); Friel (Cronus 302, 407):
Introduce the celebration, send players into Seraph Altar, Exchanges for the fortune coins

Detailed Walkthrough
Poseidon is famous for killing the Fefnir in ancient times. However, the Fefnir have appeared again recently. If you can help Poseidon kill the Fefnir, you’ll obtain rewards from the Poseidon Envoy.

When you first enter the Poseidon Palace, you will get a Poseidon Wand from Hassler. You can only get the wand once. The wand is used to break the Leviathan Eggs 10 times, then it will be broken. Right click on the wand and click on the eggs. Breaking the Leviathan Eggs will give you 1 Bronze Medal as rewards.

It's a hard trial. The Fefnir and Fallen Angels stay in different places in the Poseidon Palace. You should kill the 5 Fallen Angels first. The Fefnir are unable to revive if the Fallen Angels are dead. The Fallen Angels and Fefnir will drop plenty of rewards when they are dead. Enjoy the hunt!

After you killed Mammon, Apophis, Lemures, Ashur and Ravana, it’s time to kill the Fefnir. Be cautious! The Fefnir is powerful and good at large-scale attacking. You should kill it before 12:50 or 20:50,, or it will disappear and you will not get the rewards.