Divine Exp - The Silver Trial

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Event Time Daily
Rewards Divine EXP
Requirements Divine player, whose divine level is less than 50.
Limitation 10 times per day.
Locations Elysium, Trial Shrines
NPC The Emissary, Saint Shelley (Elysium 595,267)

Brief Notes:
1. Find Saint Shelley in the Silver Trial Filed (Elysium 595,267).
2. Choose a quest and pay 200 EPs to sign up for it.
3. You will receive lots of divine EXP by finishing the quest.

With the help of all divine players, we finally built this silver trial. Everyone can enter this field to test themselves and take his or her reward.

Find Saint Shelley in the Silver Trial Filed (Elysium 595,267), she will tell you that our shrines were overtaken by the devil forces, and the divine forces need your help! They are limited in their power and can only send you to reinforce a shrine 10 times a day; each quest will cost you 200 EPs.

There are 10 quests waiting for you. Whatever quest you choose, you need to finish it in 20 minutes, or you will not receive your reward.

If you choose doing the quests Lost Saint Note, Fete Wand and Tribute Wine, you may have a chance to get Divine EXP that equal to 4, 8 or even 10 Divine ExpBalls. Other quests will give you Divine Exp. worth 5 Divine ExpBalls.

The 10 quests are each quite unique, and we cannot be sure what you may face in the field. However, know this; each mission will be fraught with danger. Are you ready?

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