Divine EXP - Spirit Rescue

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Event Time Anytime
Rewards A lot of Divine EXP
Requirement Under Divine Level 10 players - twice a day
Divine Level 10+ players - 5 times a day
Location Elysium
Key Item
Spirit Stone
Key NPC Calorie (Elysium 590,267)

Brief Walkthrough
1. Visit Calorie (Elysium 590,267) and get some information about the quest.
2. Pay a certain amount of EPs for the Spirit Stone. Then take it to collect 100 spirits.
3. Bring back the Spirit Stone to Calorie for the Divine EXP rewards.

Detailed Walkthrough
The Trial Field is now open. Visit Calorie (Elysium 590,267) and learn about the quest. The demon sorcerer has sealed the fallen Hirus Fighters’ spirit into the bodies of demon warriors to strengthen their troops. Calorie is recruiting some powerful divine champions to rescue these poor souls.

Divine level 10- players have 2 chances daily to join the trial. Each trial costs 50 EPs; while divine level 10+ (including divine level 10) players can have 5 trials a day, with each trial costing 100 EPs. 

Why do the divine players need to pay EPs for the trial? Because of the rare item Spirit Stone. Only the Spirit Stone can fetch the lost spirits. If you lose it before the trial, you can claim it again for free.

Bring the Spirit Stone in your inventory and start your journey of rescuing the spirits. Kill as many monsters as you can in Elysium to release the spirits. You can right click on the Spirit Stone to check how much spirits you have saved.

After saving 100 spirits from the monsters, you can go back to Calorie. Calorie is very satisfied with your performance and gives you a lot of Divine EXP as rewards.

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