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Summer Adventure - Mystery Island

Fancy Race Dream Shape Mystery Island Magic House



Sept. 18th - Oct. 8th, 2017


Weird Amber

Fossil Shell

Saint Bear Spirit

Sage Kylin Spirit

White Tiger Spirit

Phoenix Iris Spirit

Dragon Ozachy Spirit

God of Flame Spirit


Level 50 and above

Frequency: No limit


Cronus, Mystery Island

Key Item:

Star Power Divice

Key NPC:

Mage Theobald (Cronus 305,402)
Dr. Senge (Mystery Island 146,284)



1. Mage Theobald will help you enter the Mystery Island to look for the Eudemon Spirits, which are the very important materials to make Eudemon Shape Cards.
(You need to use Eudemon Shape Cards to transform yourself, so you can take part in 'Fancy Race', and win more prizes!


2. Claim a Star Power Divice from Dr. Senge. Use it to remove the resin covering the Magic Spots.


3. To get Unique or Super Spirits, you need to come out at 19:00-20:00. Or you'll only get Refined ones.


4. First 10 times will get your some extra Fossil Shells, which can be swapped for all kinds of rewards.