Daily Quest - Super Reborn Crystal

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Duration Anytime
Rewards Super Reborn Crystal:
Right click to increase the reborn times of a 30-star or above eudemon by 20 times.
Location Cronus
Key Items Plant Catalyst
It can let plants blossom and bear fruit in an instant. Right click on it to find the Moon Orchid Shrub.
Moon Orchid Seed
Collect 5 Moon Orchid Seeds and swap them for a Super Reborn Crystal with James. Right click to find James automatically.
Key NPC Collector James (Cronus 279,548)

Brief Walkthrough
1. Find the Collctor James and claim a Plant Catalyst from him.
2. Right click the Plant Catalyst to find the Moon Orchid Shrub.
3. Use the Plant Catalyst in the Moon Orchid Shrub and you will receive 15 Moon Orchid Seeds in your inventory.
4. Give James 5 seeds and he will agree to sell the Super Reborn Crystal for 100 EPs to you.

Detailed Walkthrough
Super Reborn Crystals are necessary to achieve the full potential of 30-star or above eudemons and increase their reborn times by 20. James is the exclusive distributor of this treasure, but he won't let you have it so easily.

James asks you to bring him 5 Moon Orchid Seeds to please his wife, who is engrossed in planting Moon Orchids, and then he will make the deal with you. As it's not the right season to collect Moon Orchid Seeds, he will give you a Plant Catalyst to make the Moon Orchids blossom at once.

Claim the special catalyst and right click on it to have it lead you to find the Moon Orchid Shrub. Using the catalyst on the shrub, you surprisingly find that the Moon Orchid blossoms at once and 15 seeds are collected into your inventory. How amazing!

Right click the seeds and you will be automatically guided back to James. James is so glad for your help and agrees to sell you the Super Reborn Crystal for 100 EPs. Want more crystals? Then bring more seeds to James.

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