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[Anniversary] Swap Old Clothes For New Clothes

Unsatisfied with your old casual clothes? Desiring to swap for a new one at a reasonable price?

Holly (Market 281,507) is offering this service now. He has all kinds of casual clothes for swapping. The swapping price=The price of the new clothes-(the price of the old clothes*70%). If the price of the new clothes is lower than the price of the old clothes*70%, no swapping price will be charged.


1. Talk to Holly (Market 281,507) and select "I want to have new clothes" to open his swapping window and your inventory.

2. Right click on the desired clothes to put it into the slot for new clothes, then click your old clothes in your inventory and click the slot for old clothes to drop it into this slot.

3. If you are satisfied with the swapping price and have enough EPs, click Swap and Yes to swap.

4. Now you own this desired clothes. Congratulations! Right click to wear it. Best wishes to you, the most attractive gentleman/lady.