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Halloween Quest Guide - The Netherworld

Reward Introduction Ghost Ball Throws The Netherworld Pumpkin Head Making Spooky Parade




The Netherworld


Oct. 26th – Nov. 4th


Name: Pumpkin Token
Introduction: Special token made for Halloween. You can exchange such tokens with the Mega Pumpkin for gift from Oct.26 to Nov.4.

Name: Devil Key
Introduction: Each Key can be used to unlock a Halloween Magic Box. Expires on Nov.4.

Name: Halloween Magic Box
Introduction: It costs 138 EPs or a Devil Key(B) to unlock this magic box from Oct.26 to Nov.4.
Killing monster in each floor, there will be Red stones, Violet Stone, Yellow Stone, Normal Citrin and so on.


All server


Level 90+


Twice a day


Cronus, Netherworld, Mirror Space

Key Item

Name: Exorcism Mirror
Introduction: Tia’s mirror. You can use it to contact with Tia and enter the Mirror Space between Oct.26 and Nov.4


Name: Exorcist Lotus
Location: Cronus(344,380) 
FunctionQuest Guide

Name: Senior Exorcist Oley
Location: Mirror Space(78,61) 


1、Between Oct.26 and Nov.4, all people who reached Level 90 can enter Mirror Space through related NPC.

2、When you enter Mirror Space, Tia will company with you.

3、Netherworld has 12 Floors. 1F to 9F open on Oct.26 and only for solo challenge. 10F to 12F will open on Oct.31 and allow team challenge. Level 90+ heroes can challenge the floors lower than Tia’s phase and earn rewards twice a day.

4、Kill the monsters in Netherworld. When the amount achieves the requirement, the king of monster will appear. Kill the monster and you will pass this checkpoint. When you enter Netherland, Tia will help you.

5、When you kill the king, there will be reward dropping. Meanwhile, Tia will get EXP to upgrade. The higher floor you are in, the faster speed of challenge is and the higher EXP Tia can get. When Tia achieves the highest level, she won`t get more EXP.

6、When Tia get level 10, she will be senior Exorcist. senior Exorcist can carry different relics. They are Timer, Destroyer and Prayer. They are used for 10F to 12F challenges and different Relic have different effect. If you are in a team, the effect of relic will be shared in the whole team.
Prayer: Tia can use Prayer Relic to continuously recover your team’s HP in the fight against Ghost Lords of 10F to 12F.
Destroyer: Tia can use Destroyer Relic to boosts your team’s attack in the fight against Ghost Lords of 10F to 12F.
Timer: Tia can use Destroyer Relic to postpone the raging attack of Ghost Lords of 10F to 12F.

8、People can choose one of the Relics for Tia to equip once a day by Exorcism Mirror. You can’t change it once you choose in one day.

9、Tia may look small at the beginning. Her appearance will change every phase she upgrades from P1 to P9. When Tia reaches P10, she will look normal without an Exorcism Relic. Different Exorcism Relics will make Tia look different.