Eudemons Online

Beware of the Dark: Your Blood is in Danger!

A Brief Introduction to Vampire

In this coming July, the new Vampire class is joining the roster. This mysterious creature has been longing to come out into the world for thousands of years. Hiding in the shadows, these strange beings tantalize our minds with thoughts of what they could be, and the myriad of stories they could tell.

Vampires have invaded so many areas of our lives, and have been extremely popular in and out of the game world. What will happen when it reaches this world? Quite a lot of players are now worried about the other three classes. Every new class always brings with it huge changes to the current game structure. To some extent, this hot new class might threaten the hold the Warrior, Mage and Paladin have held for so long. Or they might coexist with each other in Cronus very well! Only time will tell!

Cronus will become full of blood-fueled vampires and dark Eudemons. When the blood storm is brewing, where will you hide? And what will be different from the current state?

What kind of Vampire skill will defeat the Warrior's powerful Chain Chop? The Mage is famous for blasting enemies from a distance, but how is he going to fight against the eerie speed of the Vampire? The Paladin has his unique place, thanks to his reviving power. How will the Vampire play his role? When it comes to team work, what kind of sparkling power can we expect from the Vampire in EO?

We will all see what wonders this dark force will bring to the land of Cronus. We can only pray that they will not seek only to destroy, but also to create new things for the world. No matter the path they choose, it is certain that EO will never be the same, again...