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Beginner's Manual

Getting Started

Setting Out
1. Beginner
Choose a profession
Find a good mentor
A perfect beginning
2. Glorious Upleveling
Combat System
Strongly Recommended: The Splendid XP Skills
Strongly Recommended: The Powerful Eudemon System
3. PK
The Secrets of PK System
4. Sociality and Entertainments
Chatting and Friends

Setting Out

Today you will begin your journey in "Eudemons Online" ...

Begin with double clicking the "Eudemons Online" icon.

If you haven't got an account, click to register a free account

If you haven't installed the game program, follow me to complete the operation: click to check the installation course.


1. Beginner's Course

Choose a profession

If you are a beginner, first you have to choose a profession that is most suitable for you.

One account can only have one character in one server. If you want to play more roles you need to register more accounts. Now there are altogether three professions: warrior, mage, paladin. (Paladin is not yet available.) Warriors are adept at defence and melee attacks while mages are more adept at maged attacks.


To Find a Good Mentor

The mentor system of "Eudemons Online" is a great innovation to the traditional leveling pattern in online games (where the only way to level is to kill monsters). It is recommended that new players find a mentor so that they can level as quickly as possible. Every beginner can go to the Beginner's Guild (Cronus city 275,380) to check the information of mentors online and select one. After having a mentor, you can get more experience in combat and even more if you and your mentor are on the same team. Besides, every mentor will "prepare rich gifts" for their apprentice to be. So you have to check the mentor's placard carefully and choose the most suitable one. (More details at the Introduction of Mentor System)


A Perfect Beginning

After you create your character and login, the first thing to do is to click the "Option" button and tick "Show name" under the "Graphics" tab. Items and money dropped from the monsters are left on the ground. It often happens that somebody carelessly leaves behind valuable items. On some maps the items dropped are not so obvious on the ground. When "Show Name" is ticked you will see the names of all monsters, NPCs, money and items on the ground without placing your cursor over them. Thus you won't miss anything important.


Next you can click the third button in the tool box to open the eudemon interface. Eudemon in "Eudemons Online" is the second most important character, so don't misunderstand it with pets in other games. The growth of eudemons will run through the whole process of your game. Every beginner will get two hatched eggs in his hatcher. Click the eggs and you can see them in the eudemon list. Summon your eudemon by clicking the button of "Sum".

The main functions in "Eudemons Online" can be performed by the toolbox at the bottom of the screen. There are two hotkey panels in the tool box. The left panel is for potions and scrolls (1-5 on your keyboard). The right panel is for skills (F1-F7) and the slot next to F7 corresponds to the right key of your mouse. If you are a mage, open the spell interface and drag "WindBeads" to it. Now every time you learn a new spell, you can drag the one you feel is most handy to this slot. If you are curious about another player's glittering equipment, walk close to him and click the "magnifier" icon to check his equipment and eudemons.


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