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Forging system

Forging system is a feature of the game. A nice gear brings to its owner both powerful attack and defence. What's more, the name of the forger will be written on a super gear.(Link: Items )

Key factors

Every equipment has its own level, you can only equip it by reaching the required level. You need a violet stone to level up your equipment. A super violet stone can guarantee a successful uplevel.


An equipment of the same level has different qualities: normal, refined, unique, elite and super. You need a red stone to improve the quality of your equipment. The name of the forger will be recorded in the gear after a super gear is forged. A super red stone can guarantee a successful upgrade.


Equipment of the same level and same quality still have different bonuses, which will influence the overall properties of the equipment. You need a yellow stone to add bonus on the equipment. If successful, the bonus will add one point, on the contrary, one point will be deducted. (But if your current bonus is 0, 9 or 12, it will not decrease even if the forging fails.) A super yellow stone can guarantee a successful bonus added.

Sockets and gems

There is certain probabilities of making sockets in the equipment when its quality is upgraded successfully. Equipment with sockets can be inserted with gems, which can endow extra bonus to the equipment. During upleveling a equipment, a socket may appear at a extreme low rate. You need 3 red stones to make a socket on a weapon and 10 red stones for the second socket. To make the first and second socket on a non-weapon gear, you need a moon box and a super moon box respectively.

Special effect

When the quality of equipment is improved to be super, it`s likely to get a special effect, which may improve the effect of certain skill or activate the skill in certain condition.

Fight soul(F-soul)

The equipment gains fight soul level at a very rare rate. The higher the fight soul is, the more powerful the special effect is.

The Forging and Upgrading of Equipment

You can forge your equipment at the Market. Every NPC specializes in one particular craft.


The Upgrading of Equipment

You need a Violet Stone to upgrade the level of your equipment.

Quality Forging

You need a Red Stone to improve the quality of your equipment. The name of the forger will be recorded in the weapon after every successful quality improvement. If you made a super equipment, your name will be recorded in the weapon and passed around with the weapon in this magical world forever.

Magic Soul Upgrading

You need a Yellow Stone to insert magic soul into the equipment and upgrade it.

Notes: if successful, the magic soul will plus one, on the contrary, one minus. (But if your current magic soul level is 0, it will not decrease even if the upgrading fails.)

War Soul Upgrading

The war soul level is upgraded by war soul accumulation, according to how long your equipment has been online.

High Bonus Forging

Gem Embedding

Gem Embedding

When you've got equipment with sockets and gems, you can find Charles at the market (92, 99) to embed the gems for you. He will charge you 100,000 gold for every gem embedded. Two gems can be embedded at the most. But please notice that the gems' positions are not the same. (Please refer to the Gem Introduction.)

When you've got equipment with sockets, you can start the journey of collect gems. There have been five types of different gems for embedding (Each is again divided into three levels). You can either get them in battles or buy them in VIP shops. Gems can be traded and stored without being worn out. But gems that have not been embedded into equipment may drop when you die.

Step 1: Find GemSocket Charles at the market (92,99).
Step 2: Talk to him and choose "Please embed the gem for me".
Step 3: Put the equipment in the left frame, one or two sockets will appear in the right side according to the number of sockets in the equipment.
Step 4: Click the gem in the inventory and drag it to the socket. Then click the "Embed" button.
Step 5: Check the weapon in the inventory to see if the gem has been embedded.


Special Repair

After tens of thousands of trials, you make your own super weapon and have your name recorded in it forever. Though you cherish it very much, you may forget it in cruel combats. When the weapon has been worn out completely with 0 Durability, you may not feel so good. The normal repair can't help it anymore. You will need the special repair.

The Special Repair Preston can repair equipment with Durability 0 (market 97, 106), which gives your equipment new life.


As your equipment has been worn out completely, you need to give Preston both money and some ores to repair them. Equipment of refined, unique, elite and super quality need iron, copper, silver and gold ores respectively. To repair the equipment of normal quality, you only have to pay some gold.

You can get ores from the mine (Cronus, 429, 237). Remember to get yourself tools first.(You can buy it from the groceries.

The ores have several rates: Rate1 is the lowest, Rate10 Highest. Only Ores of Rate5 or above can be used in special repair. The special repair is more likely to succeed with higher rate ores. You can make some money by selling ores below Rate5 to shops.

Copper Ore
Iron Ore
Silver Ore
Gold Ore

Though there's the special repair system, please cherish your equipment like your own eyes. Only the one that love his/her equipment can get victory.


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