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Batch Hatch, purchase, Compare And Convert

Character level 50 or above

I have to hatch, purchase, identify, compare and convert eudemon eggs at different places. It is really a waste of time. It would save a lot of my precious time if I could do this wherever I am.

Now just feel free to enjoy the convenience and great joys that batch hatcher brings you. You need not pay anything for that, moreover, you can do all these operations whenever you want.

How many eggs can I hatch at a time?
It depends on your level. The higher level you reach, the more eggs you can hatch at a time.

Character Level Hatchable Eggs
50-79 15
80-99 25
100 or above 30

What services are available on Batch Hatcher screen?
You can access batch hatcher to batch-hatch and purchase the eudemon eggs, and also identify and compare the eudemons, moreover, you are able to convert the undesired eudemons into eggs. The target eudemons should be of the same type.

How long will it take to batch-hatch the eggs?
12 hours.

Can I batch-hatch the eggs of different types?
No. Only the eggs of the same type can be batch-hatched. For example, there is a UniversalXO in batch hatcher, you need to take this egg out if you want to hatch the eudemons other than UniversalXO.

How can I purchase an egg on batch hatcher?
Click down arrow to select the egg of the same type, then click Buy.

How Can I identify and compare the eudemons?
After the eggs are hatched, you can spend some eps or eudemon scrolls to identify the newborn eudemons. You can also open your eudemon bag to drag and place the major eudemon into the slot, then click Compare all to compare them with the major eudemon.

Notes: Only the eudemons of the same type can be compared. The compared minor eudemons can compare with other major eudemons for free.

How can I convert eudemons into eggs?
If you are not satisfied with the newborn eudemons, you can spend some eps to convert all of them into eggs, or click Convert Eudemon Eggs to convert the low-grading eudemons into eggs.