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Storyline of Eudemons - Fallen Deities

Prologue: Mythology 1. Genesis 2. The Demon 3. Darkness
4. Alliance 5. Survivor 6. Holy Land 7. Ambition
8. Aurora 9. Darkness Falls 10. Glimmer of Dawn 11. Dark Star
12. New Divide      

Chapter 3: Darkness

The stupid always says: Pain past is pleasure. But it is really a jeu de mots. How do you know when it will pass? But what please me a lot is to conquer any places in my sight.
--------Orichi the chaos

After the Termination Campaign, the world fell into the shadows cast by the vile demons. The descendants of Orichi never cared about their human slaves, only considered them voiced tools. Not only did they treat them poor, but also deprived them of sleep and food! As a result, countless slaves died silently in their work, and their bodies brought nourishment to the soil they worked; so the plants grew well at that period.

To everyone's surprise, the Demons ordered their slaves to work for nothing, neither for fortune nor construction, nor desire, they just wanted the slaves to work, the reason for their work was to simply work. For example, they would tell the slaves to build a magnificent palace, but it could be dismantled a few days later, they ordered the slaves to kill each other just because they thought it was funny. Whatever, they didn't try to exterminate the other races, instead, they encouraged them to breed.

"All we do is just as you did towards the pigs. You human kill pigs, eat pigs, slaughter other living things that you consider less significant, this all done for fun. Now the game still goes on, but the player has changed, as we have taken your places, we demon are much more professional! As we are more environmental, we've kept you alive, and 'planted' many trees around the world, but you human just eliminate countless living species for money or other reasons and cut trees for your building. At this certain point, we are not really the Demon or Evil things as you've thought in this world."

The Demon were so tough, born with no equal, none could be their opponent. So humans surrendered in the end. With high speed of reproduction, they soon became the largest species on the continent. Like a plague upon the earth.

"Our ancestors were great, they'd endured the heaviest work without a word. Not any race but us human could be so iron-minded."

"So, we called the human race the STUPID. We cannot find slaves more stupid than they are! Naturally, after all, they lead a short life, they don't have time to form a wise enough idea to liberate themselves. Whatever, a slave's desired living matches slave's, or, he could not be a slave.

Until one day, a slave ran out of his camp by accident. It is said that he found a note entitled Poem of Saint, in which he learned a lot.

"From that book, I know that I am not a slave, we humans are not destined to be born as mere slaves! We should fight, fight against the Demons for our freedom!"

With these words, he plunged his sword into a guard's heart. Green blood burst out, the guard fell down, dead.

"So, I know that the Demons can be killed. They are not gods, they are not undead! They could be defeated by our own hands! I will prove this by my sword, my mind, and my justice! And me, should be the lord of all the human beings, I am the hunter of Justice!"

The demon considered this tiny slave, Agress, nothing serious, but for the dignity of demonship, they killed his families.

Although Agress was a tiny slave, what he had owned was not as humble. The demon was not as wise as god, they should consider the question carefully, how dare a human slave kill demon guard? Who had awarded him the brave and the power? Unfortunately, they are too proud of their power.

As a result, things turned to the other side no later than one year.