Eudemon Partner - Beginner's Guide

Eudemon Partner

After players choose classes, you will find you have two baby eudemons following you after you enter game.

It is the key system in our game - Eudemons. Each initial eudemon has its own feature. They will help players upgrade level and in the same time, you can also let them learn skill.

Brief Introduction

Usually, eudemons have two status: one is normal,

At this time, eudemons are in following status. They will move and attack with players. Eudemons can use skill like characters. So they are good helpers when you kill monsters or Bosses.

The another status is converging. You can converge with a Eudemon. While converging, your Eudemon's attack and defence will be added to your character.

It is worth mentioning that, Vampire, Necromancer and Shadow Knight default to permanently converge with a Eudemon. It's untradable and can't be dismissed. To keep the balance between classes, they can only summon another Eudemon in hunting maps. (They can summon 2 in the Market) If they has completed the quest "Summon 3rd Eudemons", they can summon another 2 Eudemons in hunting maps.

Necromancer- Necro Spirit

Vampire - Blood Soul

Shadow Knight - Dragon Soul

Mount Eudemons

Some eudemons can be regarded as mount. When you ride a mount, you can move faster.

When you know more about eudemons, you can buy some Flying Mounts. It will be so cool when you ride them flying in the sky!

Eudemons Revive

You need to protect your eudemons well, because if your eudemons die, the benefit of them will disappear. But you don't need to worry about that when they die. They can be revived by killing monsters. Killing monsters of the same or a higher level will revive your Eudemon faster.

Eudemon Profile

As the most loyal partner, there are many players love them. There are many types of eudemon, such as Divine Eudemon, Media Eudemon, Annual Eudemon, Universal, Annual Eudemon and so on. You can see all eudemons after clicking picture.