Game Introduction - Beginner's Guide

Game Introduction

Game Interface

Function Buttons (region A)

Character: Displays your current status, equipment, skills and kill count.

Inventory: Stores potions, equipment, items, gold and other items (can store up to 40 items).

Eudemon:For managing eudemons, summoning, dismissing, renaming, and so on.

Skill/Spell: Displays all your skills and affiliate stats.

Legion/family: Check your legion/family info here, if you are a part of one.

Mentor/Friend/Enemy: Mentors, apprentices, co-apprentices, friends, business partners, contacts and enemies.

Trade: After clicking, the cursor becomes a scale. Click on the target player to trade.

Team: Opens the team panel which allows you to find, create, join, or close a team.

Quest: Displays your current quest, this feature is temporarily unavailable.

Shopping mall: Opens the shopping mall.

VIP: Opens the VIP interface which has access to the VIP instant services.

Battle Power: Evaluates your character's battle power and displays the details.

Function Buttons (region B)

Auction: Displays items currently available for auction.

Check booth: Check the items on the booth in the market.

Warehouse: Open your home warehouse.

E.Warehouse: Open your home Eudwarehouse.

Eud.Book: Open to see the collection of Eudemons.

Authorization: You can use it if your account has been authorized.

Composing: For Eudemons composing.

Contribution: Displays your mentor/apprentice, friend relationships and details. Battle Power: Evaluates your character's battle power and displays the details.

Setting: Set your graphics, sound preferences, hotkeys and chat settings.

PK Icons:

Peace Mode: In this mode, players can only attack monsters.

Team mode: In this mode, you can attack anyone except your team members and friends.

Capture mode: In this mode, you can attack monsters, blue and black named players.

Legion mode: In this mode, you can attack anyone except your legion's members and friends.

PK mode: In this mode, you can attack anyone in the game.



Usually the player located at the center of the screen, left click at the point you want the player to move, and he/she will walk or run to the wanted point according to the distance. After using Dragonmorph skill in the legion war, or you have conferred a acrobat knight eudemon,you can press [Ctrl] and left click on the direction you want to move. You can only jump a few times continuously because it costs your SP.

Pick up an item

Left click on the item and the player will get it.

Use items/equipment

Open the inventory and right click on the items you want to use.

Drop an item

Open the inventory, move the items out of the inventory to drop it.

Talk to NPC

Move the cursor on to an NPC, click when the cursor turns to a bubble.

Attack (physical/magic)

Left click on your target to give it a physical attack, and it won't stop until the target is killed or a stop by the player.

Magic attack is also called skill attack. You may set hotkeys for it. Move the skill icon to the skill column then press the corresponding hotkey (F1-F7) and to cast the skill.