Social System - Beginner's Guide

Social System

Friend/ Enemy

There is a slogan said: No friends, no Eudemons! You can make friend with other players. You can click "Add" and click on the target. The friendship request will be sent. You can chat with your friends and check the avatar, name, level, spouse, class and PK points of your friend. If someday you want to break friendships with your friend: click on a friend from the list then click "Delete" to end your friendship with the target.

An enemy will be added automatically, if he/she killed you or your Eudemons. The system will record up to 10 enemies. We design this list in order to help you to keep your enemy in mind and you can revenge someday.


Mentor and apprentice

As a newbie, you can chat with higher level player before your adventure begin. The mentor system in Eudemons Online is to help communication between high level players and new players. Both can gain Exp, God's blessing and many other benefits from the system. A newbie can level up with the mentor, and after becoming stronger and reaching level 50, the player can also be a mentor and help other new players.



Legion in Eudemons is a group of gaining profit. Every player from legion has his duty and it help to improve the relationship between players and legion. What’s more, it also influences the profit which a player can get. Joining an excellent legion means you can have a good instructor. It also make newbie have better experience.

There is fight among different legions. When you grow stronger, you can apply for legion war and win reward and honor for your Legion!



While you are challenging the world, you may meet your beloved. If you've fallen in deep love with him/her that you want to marry him/her, team up with your beloved and find Caitlin (Cronus 295,539) for your wedding. At that time, we will witness that moment with all players in Eudemons and give us blessing.



Create a wonderful family with your friends! There are not a lot of people in your family, but all of them are your closest partner. Families fight monsters in order to share dropped items and gain the best BP. Families can also join the family war in order to occupy maps and set new rewards. Families will soon be able to build houses, gain territory and increase their totems.