The Road to Upgrade - Beginner's Guide

The Road to Upgrade

Monster Killing

The easiest way to level up your character is farming. You can find monsters which have suitable level to kill and it will bring experience to you. (You can use items like double exp potions to increase your experience when you kill monsters)

There are four new Adventure Zones opened in the Icy Land, where you may face new challenges. It costs you 10 thousand gold to enter these zones. New enemies--monsters with stars have appeared there.Compared with other monsters in game, combating monster*-stars is a greater challenge, which will bring you more experience.

The Recruit Quests

The path to becoming a known and respected hero from a lowly recruit in Eudemons Online is long and arduous. The Recruit Quests will help you to learn the systems and functions of the world better, so that you can explore the Eudemons world more easily. You would do well to take these quests, since not only will they teach you how to survive in this harsh environment, but you can get experience and other rewards!

Special Item

There are always shortcuts! You can use some items to level up quicker!

Double Experience Potions

You can buy double experience potions from the shop mall. The effect of the double experience potion will last for an hour. During the hour, you and your eudemons will gain double experience. And this effect will not disappear if you die or be offline randomly. (But if you have been offline for 15 minutes, the effect of the potion will disappear even it's not finished.)

God's Blessing

You can enjoy many benefit if you have God Blessing. All the benefits of God's Blessing will help you level up quickly. You can buy "God's Blessing" from the shopping mall. And it will be with you for the next 30 days. At the same time, you can use offline training ground which can help you level up your character after you exit the game.