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Arbor Day Quest Coming on Mar. 23rd

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Spring is full of beautiful flowers and trees, and brings with it a feeling of renewal. In that spirit, why not help take care of some lovely trees during this beautiful season? There are Money Trees, Wishing Trees, and Lucky Trees that have been planted around Cronus City. These magic trees will surely bring you good fortune!

Eudemons Arbor Day

Duration: Mar. 23rd - Mar. 26th

Different Trees, Different Growth
There are 4 different growth stages for the trees. They grow over time, and you'll need to take care of each of them differently.

Diligent Points Matter Most!
By taking care of these trees, you'll earn Diligent Points and EXP. Diligent Points are the key item to help you go through this quest. Make sure you have enough points to pass the different kinds of tests!

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