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Have Fun with EXP Boost (Apr. 13 - 27)

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The 5x and 8x EXP quests will be available on Apr. 13th. You'll not only get an awesome outfit, but also make it full of thrilling EXP! What are you waiting for?

Duration: Apr. 13th - Apr. 27th

5x EXP:
5x EXP is easy for you to get from the Vampire's Rebirth. Just pay attention to the timed items, and be quick! You'll get a Delicate Moonlight Dress or 5x Vampire Elite for your effort, but you can only go through the quest once a day. Don't worry if your Delicate Moonlight Dress expires. You can use the 5x Vampire Elite to activate it the next day, then you'll get a real 5x EXP outfit!

8x EXP:
As for 8x EXP, you need to wear the Delicate Moonlight Dress or Perfect Moonlight Dress to accept the Blood Sacrifice quest.

  1. For returning players:

    1. Returning players are those who haven't logged in for 30 days, and were at least Level 50 before Apr.12th, 2012.
    2. You can claim a Delicate Moonlight Dress for free from Johnson, to take part in the quest.
    3. If you are a team leader, your whole team can go through this quest with you. But as the leader, you can only do this quest once a day.
    4. If you are just a team member, but not the leader, you can do the quest more than once a day.

  2. For other players:

    1. You cannot do this quest on your own.
    2. You will need to join a team with a leader who is a returning player.
    3. Follow different team leaders, and you can do this quest more than once a day.

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