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May Event Preview - Summer is Coming

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Summer is almost here, and it's the perfect time to join us in the Eudemons world! Let's see what kind of fun events are going to be held in this fun season!

Online Events:

  1. Yellow Stone Shower (May 6th)

    Eudemons Yellow Stone

    Free Yellow Stones can be had in Sky Park, this May 6th. Want to add some bonuses to your equipment? Be sure to be there on time!

  2. Nurse's Day (May 12th - May 15th)

    Eudemons Angel's Temptation

    Four beautiful nurses will arrive in Cronus on May 12th. Impress them, and you'll get Ocean Cards, Garments, Universal XOs, and various kinds of stones!

  3. The Valiant Festival Quest (May 19th - May 24th)

    Eudemons Valiant

    It's not only the day to mourn and pay respects to the valiant heroes who fought for us, but also the day to help people make the delicious wormwood cakes. You'll get Ocean Cards, God's Blessing, Universal XO, Roses, and much more in return!

  4. Eudemon Crystal Shower (May 27th)

    Eudemon Crystal

    Free Eudemon Crystals will appear in the Sky Park on May 27th. Remember to get your Eudemons their favorite food!

Offline Events:

  1. Invite Your Friends to Win Awesome Gifts (May 14th - Jun. 13th)

    Eudemons Invite Friends

    Call your friends to EO and venture out together! Both of you will be nicely rewarded! You can get things like Weapon Souls, Super Ambers, Rabbit Eudemons, Glory Packs, Red Stones, and much more!

  2. Top 10 Spider Queen Killer & Top 10 Oldest Heroes (May 16 - Jun. 7th)

    Eudemons Top 10 Spider Queen Killers

    Eudemons Top 10 Oldest Heroes

    This time, the rewards are not only PPs, EPs, and Garments, but some secret precious gifts, which will be given away in the real world! Just keep an eye on our official site!