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Father's Day Event Is Coming

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Father's Day is approaching us, so don't forget to express your love and best wishes to your dear father! And after you've told your dad how much you love him, you can join the Father's Day quest in EO to help Gabriel out, and get yourself some nice rewards!

Eudemons Father's Day

Duration: June 16th - 18th

Help the Boy
You'll need to help complete a few Prerequisite Tasks first, "Lost Marble", "The Truth", and "Retrieve the Tattered Flag", to help Help Gabriel find his father Ulysses and solve the Father's Day mystery!

Help the Father
Help Ulysses hold the toy making contest. You're going to be the Toy Producer, and help make different kinds of toys! You'll earn points for the toys you make, and can exchange them for great prizes!


  1. Be sure to finish the Prerequisite Tasks, first. If you don't, you cannot take part in the Toy Producer contest.
  2. You can practice making toys before the Toy Producer contest.
  3. The Teleportation Card can teleport you directly to the Toy Plant.