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Summer Hits Cronus!

* Source: Official * Views: * Date: Jun 21 2012 03:58:07

Summer has come, but how will you spend this summer vacation? Why not visit the Summer Park in EO! Eight different hot events will be going on for more than 2 months! Are you ready to win yourself some luxurious gifts?

Duration: June 22nd - Aug. 31st

Eight Events
Demon Box, Aeolus Shrine, Black Jack, Magic Fountain, Blazing Auction, Valor Arena, Wave of Wealth, and Party Crashers.

Summer VIP Card
You can claim a VIP Card when you enter the Summer Park. Use the VIP Card to enter the VIP Field events, because rewards in the VIP field are 10 times better than in the Common Field! Talk to Black Jack to win extra VIP chances.

Sunny Coins
It's a very important thing to have in the Summer Park. You can win Sunny Coins while taking part in the events, and the coins can be used to swap for rewards and points!

Use these special points to bid on your favorite items in the Blazing Auction! You can get points when you swap Sunny Coins for rewards, or you can just swap the coins for points.

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